Support (SUP)

The main purpose of the support team is to do everything possible to protect all Swiss participants on the way to, during the camp and on the way back from the World Scout Jamboree 2019. During the camp, the participants of the Swiss contingent should receive proper medical care. In addition to this, we provide prevention and safety for the Swiss Contingent. In case of an emergency or crises the support team is managing the crises committee.

Troop Care-Givers (TB)

We are a team of nine highly motivated people from nine different cantons in Switzerland and we are responsible for the Troop Care for all the participants and we support them before, during and after the Jamboree.

We keep our troops up to date and we are open for their requests, questions and problems always. We are the connecting point between the troops and the Swiss Contingent Management Team (CMT). During the Jamboree, we will visit the troops every day and we will make sure that everything goes as smoothly as possible. Should there be any obstacles to be tackled, we will be the first to be contacted by the troops and we will provide assistance.

Be Prepared

Your Resort TB
Alimento, Aquila, Colfeo, Ferox, Idefix, Lionceau, Swiffty, Woody and Xena

International Service Team (IST)

We are responsible for all needs and concerns of Swiss IST’s. We ensure the contact between the head of the delegation, Jamboree management and the IST’s and do our best that the IST can come back with many great memories from the Jamboree.

Communication (KOM)

We are the ones who are responsible for all the translations and official Newsletters. Furthermore, we also keep you and your loved ones at home up to date on our website, Facebook and Instagram. Additionally, we create the nerchandise such as our contingent-scarf, scout-shirt and much more. Last but not least, we are responsible to create a Photobook in the end.

Logistics (LOG)

Logistics are a very important part of the contingent. Getting all the necessary materials to the camp, organizing the pre- and after-trips for the whole contingent and most importantly arranging the travel to get all or Scouts safely to the campsite and back home are our main responsibilities.


Between all the numbers and invoices, a team is needed to create a manageable accounting system from the salad of numbers. We settle invoices, support the team leaders with their budgets and after the jamboree ensure a successful completion of the finances.

Head Of Contingent Team (HOC)

Welcome! We are the Head of Contingent (HOC) Team. In this role we are entrusted with the main leadership of the Swiss contingent for the World Scout Jamboree 2019. This includes the whole project planning, the supervision of the leadership team and the overview of the whole preparations. In addition to the responsibility for the Swiss jamboree preparations, we also take care of our dedicated contingent management team and feed Lovely, our mascot, with new social media content from time to time.