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Blog: Preparation of Serbian Contingent for World Scout Jamboree

Serbian contingent has 54 members. We have 31 participants, 4 patrol leaders, 9 members of IST, 5 members of Contingent Management team and 5 members of Solidarity Program.

Our trip to Japan and back take us 19 days, we will leave Belgrade Airport on 25th of June, fly to Doha (Qatar) and then continue to Osaka. From there we will be transferred to Jamboree site. After the Jamboree we plan on visiting Osaka and Tokyo for 3 days and take a flight from Tokyo back to Serbia.

Last week we have been sorting official Serbian Contingent clothing that we are going to wear according to size and packing them for each participant. Most of the stuff has arrived we are just waiting for scarfs and badges so the packages will be ready to go.

From 26th-28th of June we have a gathering of all Contingent members in Kruševac, so that everybody can get to know one another and go over some culture differences that await us in Japan.

Luka Cebedzic, Troopleader Serbian Contingent